2018 Foundation Application

Applications for 2018 grants from the LHUMC Foundation can be made through October 2.

The LHUMC Foundation exists to help Lake Harriet United Methodist Church (LHUMC) deepen ministry to its congregation and to the local and world communities it is privileged to support. Each year, the Board of Directors of the Foundation identify a level of monetary support that can be provided to LHUMC for granting awards for new and expanded ministries.

Grant applications will be accepted for projects, programs and support requests meeting one or more of the following through October 2:

  • Program, project, or operating grants for new or existing activities or support organizations that increase/expand ministry capacity of LHUMC and/or seed new opportunities for ministry. Priority will be given to programs that most support the mission and vision of the congregation.
  • Seminary tuition assistance for individuals whose preparation for ministry is being sponsored by the congregation.
  • Support of LHUMC ministry programs as necessary to maintain their affordability for congregants and community members. This would include support of needs-based scholarships within the LHUMC Preschool, cost subsidies to keep mission trip ministries affordable, and support of benefits offered in the community by LHUMC or its affiliated organizations.

Project requests are generally expected to be for one year. Extensions up to two years may be granted when requested along with an October status report.

Application Process and Timeline

Applications can be obtained online or in the church office at 4901 Chowen Avenue South, Minneapolis. They must be submitted online or to the church office by the following groups or indiviuals on behalf of the programs and ministries they choose to represent:

  • LHUMC ministry teams/committees/task forces, boards
  • LHUMC members, congregants, staff members – for LHUMC ministry programs and seminary scholarships, or on behalf of ministry/missional organizations with which LHUMC can participate and/or sponsor

The Foundation Grant Review Task Force of LHUMC will meet in mid-October to review and recommend grant applications for consideration and approval at the November meeting of the LHUMC Leadership Council. Applicants will be notified in December and payments will be awarded in January, or later upon request.

Get Application:  2018 LHUMC Foundation Grant Application