LHUMC Leadership Update December 2018

Did you know that the Leadership Council is the governing body of Lake Harriet United Methodist Church? The United Methodist Book of Discipline describes the purpose of the church council as:
Purpose – The church council shall provide for planning and implementing a program of nurture, outreach, witness, and resources in the local church. It shall also provide for the administration of its organization and temporal life. It shall envision, plan, implement, and annually evaluate the mission and ministry of the church.
To read the full description from the Book of Discipline, click here.
The Leadership Team recently presented an update on their work and their 2018 Action Plan.
On November 11, we shared during worship the results of the Leadership Council work on Core Values. These values are: Inclusive, Intergenerational and In Community. This work extends and expands our earlier Healthy Church Initiative. After brainstorming ideas at the Staff/Leadership Council retreat in August, an action plan was developed for each of the core values. In subsequent meetings of the Leadership Council multiple champions were named for each action step. These champions include lay, staff and clergy and in some cases, whole committees, who will work together to put ideas into action. In the coming months the leadership council will provide a time and space for the champions to meet and be intentional about going deeper into action plans. We look forward to sharing more about this progress with the congregation and encourage all to consider joining us as we move toward achieving these goals. We are grateful for all who have participated in this process and for the wonderful LHUMC community we serve. To view the presentation, click here..
In October, our Minnesota Annual Conference District Superintendent, Dan Johnson, attended the Leadership Council meeting to share information on the work of the Commission on the Way Forward. This is an attempt by the church to deal with human sexuality and may have a great impact on the future shape of the United Methodist Church. As proposed at the General Conference in 2016 in Portland, there are three plans to address human sexuality: the One Church Plan, The Traditional Plans and the Connectional Conference Plan. The General Church Conference will vote on these plans at when they meet February 23-16 2019 in St Louis. The plans vary greatly on how they will affect the United Methodist Church. The D.S. pledged his support to this congregation no matter the outcome and expressed that most churches in our area are supportive of the One Church Plan. There is also the possibility that no plan will prevail and conference participants will “kick the can down the road”. Asked what we can do, Dan Johnson encouraged prayer. He has set his alarm for 2:23 (the date of the conference vote) so that each day he will be reminded to stop what he is doing and say a prayer. Plan to be present on January 20 when DS Johnson will speak during both services about the Way Forward. We urge all to learn more by visiting this link: https://www.minnesotaumc.org/wayforward
Last but not least we invite you to show your gratitude for our hard-working church staff. Our Staff Parish Relations Committee will be organizing staff appreciation, as a way for us to express our gratitude for all that our staff do to make Lake Harriet a great place to be! Many hands are needed to do the work of the church. We encourage you to think about volunteering for something new this month. Maybe it’s ushering or greeting or singing in the choir or working with our youth or children. You will find new meaning to the word church if you do. (To explore some of the many volunteer opportunities in and through LHUMC, click here).
Jeanne Harkness and Mike Walker
Leadership Team Co-Leaders