Voices: Stewardship

From Drew Hensel, our Stewardship Committee Chair:

We are making good progress toward our 2016 Stewardship goal, and are very thankful to all who have supported us so far with their efforts, pledging, and the wonderful personal presentations several of our members have given during our October and November worship services. Those presentations are available in the photo links below.

At this point we have received pledges from 77% of those who pledged last year and we know many of you are planning to get your pledge of support in to us this month.  You can do so online or by bringing a pledge card to the Church office or placing one in the offering plate.

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Karissa Ouren’s 10/17 message:


Joe Green’s 10/25 message:


Katie Froelich’s 11/1 video:


Paul Ogren’s 11/8 message:


And here’s my 11/15 message:


Thank you!