Wednesday Night Worship Lab

We are developing a new, after-dinner worship service offering for our Wednesday evening gatherings this fall. Consistent with our Healthy Church objectives, we are looking to enhance opportunities for spiritual growth and intergenerational fellowship among audiences that may not be able to attend on Sunday mornings.


What does this mean for Sunday mornings?

We have great worship with incredible music every Sunday morning. We have an education hour with great learning opportunities for all ages every Sunday morning. None of that changes! We will continue to have great worship, music, and learning for all ages every Sunday.


What does this mean for Wednesday nights?

We are working through scheduling logistics of Wednesday night groups. It will require flexibility and a willingness to make adjustments to serve our common goal of “creating a welcoming and hospitable environment to fuel growth for all ages.”


Questions? Want to volunteer? Looking to help make our new Wednesday night worship successful? We want to hear from you! Please contact Pastor Melanie, Pastor Chris, or our lay leaders Lorrie Sandelin and Krista McVann to get involved.