The Adult Learning and Spiritual Enrichment Team (ALSET) is excited to offer the following January and Spring opportunities to grow in faith and community. For questions or more information, contact ALSET Chair Elizabeth Dunens,


Sunday, 1/20, 10-11am, Reception Room UMC and the Way Forward: Dan Johnson, District Superintendent Dan will be guest preaching prior to the special general conference taking place in February to determine the future of the UMC with whatever is voted on for the “commission on the way forward” (how the church ministers in a just way on sexuality and orientation). Join Dan for an education session and Q&A on general conference issues following LHUMC budget approval.
United Methodist Women Sunday
Sunday, 1/27, 10–11:00a, Reception Room An Immigration Story: Juan Cuzco Juan is originally from Ecuador and works for Rosary Church in Minneapolis. During the enrichment hour, Juan will share his own experience, building upon insights from UMW sermon speaker, Deb Organ, on the topic of immigration in the U.S.


Small group studies
February – May, Wednesdays 7-8:00p Practicing prayer and engaging our inner-mystic Weekly small group facilitated by Julie Konrardy and Kathy Parker-Witzke that will draw from 50 Ways to Pray in combination with the spiritual practices from The Mystic in You. This community of practice will provide fall study participants the opportunity to go deeper and is open to new members who did not participate in fall studies.
Large group studies
February 3 – 24, Sundays 10–11:00a Way of Life with Brian McLaren The study Way of Life will help groups approach and engage the spiritual, theological, and missional proposals in Brian McLaren’s book The Great Spiritual Migration: How the World’s Largest Religion Is Seeking a Better Way to Be Christian. Drawing from his work as global activist, pastor, and public theologian, McLaren challenges readers to stop worrying, waiting, and indulging in nostalgia, and instead, to embrace the powerful new understandings that are reshaping the church. Participants can attend video sessions with or without reading the book. Copies of the book will be available for purchase if you would like to read in combination with the video series.
March 10 – April 14, Sundays 10–11:00a Lenten Video Series, Gifts of the Darkwood Though commonly understood as a place to be feared and avoided, the Dark Wood is the surest place to meet God. In this video series Rev. Eric Elnes Ph.D, author of Gifts of the Dark Wood, acts as a guide as we explore such “gifts” as Uncertainty, Emptiness, Lostness, and Failure. This video series will compliment learning from Pastor Melanie’s Lenten sermon series on the book, Gifts of the Dark Wood.
April 28 – May 19, Sundays 10-11:00a, Reception Room Paul Tillich’s Theology of God with Rev. Jim Gaughan Jim’s four-week study will consider some of the insightful views of theologian Paul Tillich. For example, “God is the God beyond the god of traditional theism.” “God is not a being besides other beings, not even a supreme being, but the Ground of Being.” “Everyone has a god. Our god is whatever is of ultimate concern or value to us.”
The size and number of the small groups will be determined by the number of individuals who sign up. If you have any interest to use your gifts in facilitating one of these small groups, please indicate this within the sign-up form below.
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