Want to learn about Climate Change?
Attend this Climate Reality Project Zoom session put on by ALSET

On April 25 at 12:00p, there will be a virtual presentation called “Our Climate Change Crisis and Its Solutions” given by Vern and Lea Iverson. They have shared this with over 50 faith-based organizations so far, schools, friends, family, and at the Minnesota State Fair.

Vern is a retired Research Scientist at Medtronics and Lea is a retired Math Teacher in Elk River. They want to “Create awareness among other people regarding environmental issues” and partner with other organizations to better the Earth. They drive electric cars (a Chevy Bolt EV and a Tesla Model 3). In addition to their research on this subject they have completed training by The Climate Reality Project started by Al Gore.

Please email us if you plan to attend! Put “Climate Change” in the subject line to Mitch at Mitchgg4904@gmail.com or Anne at anne.bauers@gmail.com

This is about 45 minutes long, meant to make us all think about what is happening on our shared Earth.
Note: Since this is going to be a virtual meeting, we will allow questions through the ZOOM Chat window. Anne and Mitch will gather questions afterwards for Vern or Lea to help us with. So you may want to plan to stay on longer for the full experience.