Cry of My Heart 06/09/2020

Hello Friends,

Psalm 130: 6 says,

“…my soul waits for the Lord
    more than those who watch for the morning,
    more than those who watch for the morning.”


Why do you suppose the psalmist repeated that phrase?
I’m guessing to put added emphasis on the watching for morning.


In ancient Israel there were guards who stand watch over the city walls by night. Imagine how dark it would have been.  There were no floodlights, no motion detection security lights and definitely no flashlights on a cell phone. 

Yes, there would be torches or perhaps oil lamps, but these would only light the area in close proximity to the light.  A nighttime sentinel would not have been able to see what was happening in the distance.


I imagine the long nights of standing watch were sometimes boring, with the sentinel trying to stay awake.  Other nights they were frightening as enemies tried to storm the city walls.  There may have been wild animals that tried to attack the guards.


My soul waits for the Lord.

Those sentinels knew what it was to wait for the Lord, the same way the watched and waited for the morning to come.


Spend some time thinking about this verse.

How is your soul watching for the morning?
What does the morning look like in the work of anti-racism?

What does the morning look like when you are facing person difficulties?



Click on the link below to hear and see Psalm 130.

Psalm 130