Cry of My Heart 06/25/2020

Hello Friends,
Psalm 41 is a psalm of awakening.  
It is a recognition that we have turned a blind eye to those in need. 
Nan Merrill in this psalms refers to God as the “very Heart of Love”.
In this time of awakening in our nation,
to the reality of systemic racism,
to white privilege,
to our own internal biases,
may we turn with our hearts broken wide open
to our brothers, sisters and siblings in Christ,
and to the Very Heart of Love.

Psalm 41 – Nan Merrill in Psalms for Praying, an Invitation to Wholeness

Who among us hears the cry of the poor?

            How many open their hearts

                        and heed the call?

The plight of the world is a wound

            to the very Heart of Love,

                        a scar on our own souls.

Blessed are those who lovingly respond!

            The Friend, who knows all hearts,

                        will remember their kindness.

They will know joy, peace, and deep

            fulfillment working in harmony

            with all who serve toward healing

                        the needs of this troubled world.


As for me, I prayed, “O Soul Mender,

            be gracious unto me.

For I have been deaf to those in need;

            my fears paralyzed me.

I am bound like a prisoner held

            in my own house

            alone and abandoned.

Each fear I push away or deny

                        rises up with power;

            feeling anxious, lies and deceipt

                        take the place of truth.

I can hide no longer; my confusion,

                        the way I blame others,

            have turned even my friends away.”


“O Divine Healer, help me face the fears

                        that threaten to overwhelm me;

            without your guidance, they will

                        bring about what I most fear!


I am on my knees asking forgiveness;

            give me strength to turn all

                        that separates me from You

                        into love and kindness.

You, who are Unconditional Love, You

            so not judge our weaknesses;

            raise me up, that I may be renewed

                                    in body, mind, and soul!


By this I know that You have

                        graciously forgiven me;

            fear did not triumph over me,

                        though my heart was broken open

                                    so the light could enter in.

You upheld me, filled me with integrity,

            and opened my heart to the poor.


Blessed be the Beloved, loving Presence

            to all hearts open to Love,

            from everlasting to everlasting!