Drop-In Series: Exploring the Theology of Paul Tillich
Starts September 15 
Come for interesting and stimulating 4-week discussion on the theology of Paul Tillich, led by Rev. Jim Gaughan. Come to one, come to all!

Paul Johannes Tillich was a German-American Christian existentialist philosopher and Lutheran Protestant theologian who is widely regarded as one of the most influential theologians of the twentieth century.

Tillich believes there is no true atheist, because everyone has an ultimate concern and that is one’s god. He also asserts that being and existence are finite categories and, therefore, cannot literally describe God. As a result, he says, literally speaking, God is not a being, besides other beings. Rather God is Being-itself, that is, the power and ground of all being. Whatever we say of God can only be said symbolically. Come with your mind and heart open to new understanding.
The group will meet for four Sundays beginning Sept. 15 during the enrichment hour, in the Reception Room. This is a drop in class; no registration needed. Have questions? Click here to email Jim.
Rev. Jim Gaughan is a retired United Methodist minister. He and his wife Clare have been members of LHUMC for many years. He has led many discussion classes on Sunday mornings over the years with good attendance and free-wheeling discussion.