God is with Us! 05.10.2020 Mothering Day

Hello Friends,
Today is Mother’s Day, or as it is called in some countries, “Mothering Day”.  
On this day we honor all of the women who helped to raise us: moms, step-moms, aunties, foster moms, grandmothers, coaches, church school teachers, mentors and more.
Please enjoy “The Mommy Book” read by Janet Bomar, Director of Children and Family Ministries.  

The Mommy Book

In “The Faith We Sing” hymnal we have at church, there is a hymn called, “Mothering God”.  It was inspired by Julian of Norwich a 14th-century mystic, (c. 1342–c. 1416).  Jean Wiebe Janzen wrote the poem.  Click on the link to hear the hymn.

Mothering God

Mothering God, you gave me birth
in the bright morning of this world.
Creator, source of ev’ry breath,
you are my rain, my wind, my sun.

Mothering Christ, you took my form,
offering me your food of light,
grain of new life, and grape of love,
your very body for my peace.

Mothering Spirit, nurt’ring one,
in arms of patience hold me close,
so that in faith I root and grow
until I flow’r, until I know.
Pause today and give thanks for the women who have shaped your life, and for the God who is a Mother to us all.
Grace and peace,
Pastor Karen Bruins