Leadership Council

The purpose of the Leadership Council is to establish and oversee missional priorities and strategies, ensuring alignment across ministries, and to champion our mission: Walking together the words and ways of Jesus.

In April Lake Harriet’s Leadership Council engaged in a two-day strategic planning session.  After fleshing out some of the ideas and further discussion, we are pleased to share these five strategic priorities:


  1. Connections – intentional small groups to help the congregation meet, connect and grow in friendship. The groups may be centered around a common interest, activity, life-stage, etc. Janet Bomar is leading this effort and is looking for a few more volunteers to help shape this strategic priority.
  2. Housing Justice – creating a partnership with Beacon Interfaith Housing to work on affordable, intentional, and sustainable housing. This work will involve learning how to be advocates for housing for all at the city and state level. This justice work takes place alongside the charitable work in which we are already involved through the Joyce Uptown Food Shelf, The Dignity Center, Every Meal, and Feed My Starving Children.  Lauren Braswell is leading this task force and welcomes volunteers.
  3. Supporting Young Children – a team will be assessing our physical plant to best meet the early childhood needs of the community. The education wing was built in 1962 and has had very few updates.  It is not air-conditioned and does not meet current code for air-exchange and other hvac/plumbing/mechanical systems.
  4. Sanctuary Enhancement – COVID quickly changed how we worship and use the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary now has the best technology in the church building (audio and visual technology along with live-stream equipment). This task force will be assessing the layout, seating, hearing loop and technology with an eye for both worship and other multi-purpose uses of the Sanctuary.  Kay Halverson, is leading this task force and is looking for more volunteers.
  5. Deepening the Well – Our congregation is already exploring spiritual practices that deepen our relationship with God and neighbor, in part through a partnership with Saint Catherine University and a Lilly grant. ALSET (Adult Learning and Spiritual Enrichment Team) will be working on this strategic priority.  Stacey Edwards, chair of ALSET, is leading this ministry.


What does the Leadership Council need from you?    

  • Your prayers
  • Your openness to new ideas and new opportunities
  • Your time and energy.