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God Goes to the Movies
Sermon Series 

This July we will be going to the movies to see how film speaks to and challenges our faith, while addressing real world issues. The movies are available for purchase and/or rental from most streaming services like Amazon Prime, Hulu, iTunes, etc. There will also be a small in-person (and also virtual Zoom) discussion Monday evenings. 

Want to learn about Climate Change?
Attend this Climate Reality Project Zoom session put on by ALSET July 12, 11:00a
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We are a church that believes all people are children of God, unconditionally loved by our Creator whatever their age, race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic status, marital status, physical or mental ability.

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Be the hands and feet of God in the world in and through Lake Harriet UMC. There are volunteer opportunities for people of all ages, interests, and abilities! And, you don’t need to be a member to volunteer!
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Welcome and thanks for visiting! Please take a few minutes to explore the site and get a sense of what the LHUMC community has to offer. We also hope you’ll come visit us for worship or an upcoming event. We look forward to connecting with you and going deeper in our faith together. You are welcome here!

Rev. Karen Bruins

Lead Pastor
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Cry of My Heart – 06.04.2020

Psalm 70 is a prayer for deliverance from one’s enemies.
Click on the link to listen to this psalm of lament.
Pay attention to the way the psalm ends.  
The ending gives you a hint about how the entire book of psalms is structured.
The ending is “You are my help and my deliverer;
O Lord, do not delay!”  
It is a reminder that even though we are in despair for a moment, God will deliver us.

Psalm 70

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Cry of My Heart – 06.03.2020

Jesus was a man steeped in the psalms.
They shaped how he worshipped and how he prayed.
Today’s reading is Psalm 22.
This the psalm that Jesus recited to himself when he was in agony on the cross.
As you hear this psalm tonight, may you hear the voices of all those who cry out today because they feel that God has abandoned them. These could be the cries of black and browned skin people who for decade after decade have been subjected to systemic racism and abuse.

Psalm 22

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Cry of My Heart 06.02.2020

All this week we are focusing on Psalms of lament.
These prayers can be about one individual’s lament,
or it can be the lament of entire community.
This week, as our city is in a week of deep lament,
let’s allow the words of the psalms to speak for themselves.
Today’s Psalm is Psalm 17. Click on the link to hear the psalm.

Psalm 17 – a psalm of individual lament

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