Pledging Annual Support to LHUMC


From Pastor Karen Bruins:

Who in the world would have guessed we’d have a year like the one we are going through in 2020? The pandemic, the deaths of more people of color and the growing unrest, the bitterly divisive political atmosphere… The list doesn’t seem to end. There wasn’t a class in seminary that prepared me for #2020. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed, afraid, angry, or in shock…I get it. So much feels different.

And yet some things remain: the abiding love of God AND our commitment to be Inclusive, Intergenerational, and In-Community. Through connections of friendship and prayer within our congregation, and service to our neighbors, we are truly better together.


How would you finish this sentence if resources were no object: “Together we can…”? The possibilities are exciting!


Your financial support means more now than ever. As we are learning in 2020, things in the future will certainly look different than they did in the past. But together, we will meet the challenges that lie ahead. Together, we will be even stronger next year. Please prayerfully consider how you can support the ministry of Lake Harriet UMC in 2021.


Thank you for your thoughtful support. 

Did you know you may also designate a portion of your United Way pledge to Lake Harriet UMC? Simply check the “Designate A Gift” box within your United Way pledge card. Then write in the amount that you would like to designate to Lake Harriet UMC and write in the church’s information as shown in the example below: