Lake Harriet UMC is honored to partner with The Sheridan Story program to provide food to students at Lyndale Elementary School in Minneapolis.
How does “The Sheridan Story” program work?
  • The Sheridan Story (TSS) is a local organization based in the Twin Cities. TSS began in 2010 when the school administration at Sheridan Elementary School discovered that students were stealing and hoarding food on Fridays so that they would have something to eat on the weekends.
  • TSS purchases food from Second Harvest Heartland, or similar organizations, and transports the food to their Northeast Minneapolis warehouse for storage.
  • TSS holds packing events at their warehouse where volunteers fill bags with food to then be distributed to students at participating schools. Each bag of food contains fruit and vegetables and provides nutritious, substantive meals for kids to eat at home. An example of a typical bag includes the following items: a can of pears, a bag of rice, a can of green beans, a can of tuna, a bag of pasta, and a can of chicken noodle soup.
  • TSS delivers the bagged food directly to Lyndale School.
  • At the start of each school year, LHUMC volunteers distribute TSS permission forms to all the classrooms at Lyndale school. The teachers send the forms home with the students and then students who are interested in participating bring the forms back to school. The social worker at Lyndale Elementary School notifies LHUMC volunteers which students are in need of weekend food support.
  • Each week during the school year, LHUMC will provide two volunteers to place the bags of food into lockers. This is a fantastic way to see the children of Lyndale and help build a relationship with a school in our community.


*If you have questions regarding this ministry, or are interested in volunteering, please click here to contact Lorrie Sandelin or call 612-508-5503.


**For further information, please visit The Sheridan Story website at:


How You Can Help!


We need two people each week to help place bags of food into children’s lockers at Lyndale Community School.  This will typically be on Friday mornings at 11:30 AM, and should take about an hour.
Several times during the year, we will need volunteers to help pack bags with food at The Sheridan Story warehouse in Northeast Minneapolis. Children age 8 and older are welcome to join us!  To view the upcoming dates and/or sign up for the 2018-2019 school year, click here!

Financial donations are always welcome and will be put towards helping additional children who qualify for the program. Over 400 children at Lyndale are on the Free and Reduced Lunch program.

To donate to The Sheridan Story, click on the button below and enter your amount in the Sheridan Story button under “Donations.”